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About UndergrounD-training.com
Benjamin LaMasters Founder of UndergrounD Training.com About Page for UD
 UndergrounD Fitness and Self Defense is a testament to traditional martial arts training and perseverance. The founding members have been martial artists their entire lives, but hadn’t dreamed of running a school ourselves. 

 When the events of COVID-19 began to affect the world, everyone retreated inward; everyone except us. We realized that we could pivot through this situation and reach outwards! With the age of virtual training forced upon us we formed a core group of students and instructors and kept on teaching online. From the garage turned dojo, we kept going right through quarantine!

 There have been many challenges throughout our growth since then, but with the integrated support of the instructors, owners, families and students; we have been able to persevere and prosper. Throughout these events our character and grit have been tested, and we are proud to continue to preserve old martial traditions while using innovative curriculum to provide a unique training opportunity for anyone, anywhere!
 We look forward to training with you and your family and friends. Together, we can build a better world by strengthening our minds, bodies and attitudes. Best wishes on your own journey!
  -The UndergrounD Team

We think of ourselves as scientists and engineers when it comes to finding, meeting, and training busy moms. So, if you want to check out how and why our proven system works then use the button below and I'll see you for some free training.
Benjamin LaMasters About Page for UndergrounD Training
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