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Protection Resources For Moms

From advice videos to helpful articles, customer interviews and Q&A's.
Here you'll find resources that help you start and grow a collection of martial arts skills.

Created by Benjamin LaMasters
Why Some Martial Arts Businesses Almost Always Get More Students With Less
Are you worried that being petite makes you weak and powerless, and that you’ll be marked as a target? Are you looking for a plan to equip yourself with anything that can give you the advantage against a larger and stronger opponent? 
Created by Benjamin LaMasters
How Can We Portect our children with martial arts if we are away
I can take care of myself, but I am worried about my children being safe when I am not around. What solutions exist? That's exactly what we cover in this post...
Created by Benjamin LaMasters
How to go from Wimp to warrior in one weekend
This article covers how to go from Wimp to Warrior and the 3 steps needed for self defense...
Created by Benjamin LaMasters
Learn martial arts in just one weekend even if you are too busy
Are you a mother who know you need to learn some self-defense, but you DON’T HAVE TIME!? Are you worried that it takes years and years of intense demanding training? This article shows how easy the solutions can be in three simple steps and 1 weekend!
Created by Benjamin LaMasters
Martial arts and self defense can be simple and easy for everyone to learn
This article covers the simple steps for learning self defense as a family and how to gaIn skills quickly and effectively...
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